Rounding Out One Shitty Year

It’s New Years Eve. Right now. Tonight. 2017 for what its worth was a shit year and I am glad it is over. Finally.  It seemed to ramble on like a bad odor.  Drunkenly ambling along in the background of life until a few good days start to string together and the positive seems plausible. Then like it was nearly planed, 2017 would appear out of the ozone and inject it’s steaming hot trash stench back into life and the slap the alternate reality you have been living in down to the ground. Good riddance. You can go now 2017, you are not welcome anymore. Get bent.

In all honestly, It could have been worse. Sometimes that phrase “It could have been worse” seems like a cop-out for dealing with the issues at hand. It’s in a way, normalizing the abnormal to deal with the mess you are handed. Example: “Even though the fire took my legs, sight and ability to smell, It could have been worse”. Everything could have “been worse” if you take an honest look at things. I suppose that’s a good way to look at the cards you are dealt because nearly any situation could be worse. Still….its hard not to be cynical. So, it’s true…it could have been worse.

For all that went south this year, I am grateful for the things that went right. My kids are heathy, we are warm and for the most part sane.  A lot went right this year, but its hard to see the forest through the trees.  I am looking forward to a new year and fresh start. Things are going to be great again so I am told, but being from Missouri…well you know the deal. It’s all bullshit until there is proof.

Here is to casting up ’17 in some cement slippers and sending it to the bottom of the Mississippi. Raise your glass to 2018, even years are better anyhow.




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