Winter Break, Tires and House Things

We woke up to -5F outside. The back door to the house is swollen and wont open right much to the delight of the dog, Bowl Games on TV today and we have a pond hockey tournament to watch from our porch at 1pm. 2018 is starting off in the right direction minus the cold. Also, in an effort to not make every post negative in some form or fashion and realizing that there are other things that are worth spouting off about, possibly some that can be helpful to someone else, I wanted to share a bit a bout a few things that I could not find much info on….Strap in kids this is real crazy stuff.

Tires. Specifically tires (or the lack of) for the 2014-present 2500 Ram with the 20″ wheel option. If you own one, and you are nearing the time to think about replacement tires your options are limited and more importantly all options are very expensive. I got ok results with the factory hoops (Firestone Transforce) despite what my initial impressions were. I was able to get 60k out of the set, but they were unsafe as the tread wore closer to the wear indicators traction in anything but a nice sunny day was non-existent.

After looking at the options in the 285/60/20 size,I bit the bullet and ordered a set of Continental TerrainContact A/T‘s  from Discount Tire in Kansas. They by far had the best price beating the Local Dobb’s by over $100 per tire. This is a brand new tire for Continental and there is zero feedback pretty much anywhere about them on HD trucks, so we will see. They seem a little softer than the factory tires, towing may be a little different.


Another project I was able to knock off was installing a sump pit cover and cementing a hole in the basement for the shower rough in. When we moved in, I tested the basement for Radon, and it came back high. So I sealed up the Sump pit with plastic and a rough in hole with spray foam and the number was cut in half. Finally got around to putting the Radon Dome over the sump pit. Here is some info on the Radon Sump Dome. It has the ability to use the pit as the vent if you need to install an outside fan to vent the gas to the atmosphere with different fittings and couplings. Essentially this kit seals the sump pit from the interior of your home. Aparently this is a major contributor radon and other gasses entering your home as its just a big open pit.  After installing the dome cover and sealing the rough in, there was a noticeable difference that “Basement Smell”.





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