What Now?

As things have a habit of doing in life, details slip away in the mind until out of nowhere, a  subconscious firing of electrons in your brain magically string together to form a memory or thought that will totally steer your day in a different direction. It can either be a good or a bad thing depending on the situation.  Every so often, usually in the middle of the night, my brain will fire a thought out that will make me think about things on a level of detail that usually I am not entirely be prepared for at the moment. Its at that very point in time (possibly 2am) everything can go right down the crapper.  Sounds cryptic right? Well,not really. I guess what I am getting at is that I am getting to the point in life that I am questioning myself more and more….the decisions I have made and the ones out on the horizon. It’s a weird period in time that I am ready to dismiss altogether.

Spring/summer has Somewhat revealed itself and the Dethrow family road trip will be in full swing at the end of May. This year we are staying in the home state…spending a good bit of time in the southwestern portion. I am looking forward to not investing four days traveling but at the same time…I could use a few weeks on the coast or mountains.

More to come…..

In other news since my last post, I crashed my truck, made some Louisiana dishes, cooked possibly the best steak I have ever had and encountered some wildfires in Kansas. Also, I feel like I might be completely loosing my mind. This is fine.

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