Portable Power

In preparation for the annual cross state haul to the race track, I have been getting old Blue back in shape. These little engines work wonders to produce clean stable power on the small inverter type generators but the issue with ours specifically is that I was a dummy and did not treat the gas in the tank over winter. It ran, but poorly. When a power load would come on, it would surge and cut the juice then it would continually hunt for the correct speed.

Having never cracked the case on this thing in 5 years, I figured it was time to give the carb an overhaul. I replaced the main Jet assembly because the ports were just too small to clean, removed and cleaned the needle valve and put it all back together. Of course I ran new gas through it as well. New spark plug, fresh oil and we are all set to go.

We also loaded up on firewood for the winter and spring. Two kids from the local high school were nice enough to deliver and stack it for a very reasonable fee.

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