October Out Like a Light…

Poof. Gone. Done. October has come and disappeared without a trace. This has been a rough few months for reasons that really are out of our control and not to dwell, let’s  just say I will be glad when we can slam the door on 2016 and move on.

This October marked our 9th anniversary and normally we really don’t celebrate this occasion with much other than possibly a night out and a few margaritas at the local mexican joint, I thought it would be a good excuse to get away for a bit. I couldn’t tell you the last time just the two of us had gone anywhere without the kids so it was a welcome quick trip. We stayed at the Lodge of the Four Seasons at the upper end of Lake Ozark. We’ve both been there many times before the kids came along so it was nice to go back. They just finished sinking a lot of money into the place and it was very evident from the lobby and the large changes on the outside of the resort.



Drinks at a favorite spot on the water..001


October also means the annual pilgrimage to the holy land of Kansas Speedway for 4 nights of drinking and racing. There is a lot of down time during these racing weekends…that means a lot of time to play some music and absorb some sun before it’s gone for the next 5 months. The trip was welcome time to wind down and cut loose for a bit and we could not have asked for better weather. 


This month also signified the end of the RV traveling season. I always welcome a trip into the woods, but the last one of the season sucks a little bit knowing that this is the end of the line for the year.

As indicated above a few times, this fall has been a strange one and we are projected to hit a record high as I type this on Thursday this week.  With that said, on my agenda within the next few days is to winterize the RV for the long winter soak.

And finally, the Canal St. Clan and their prospective Halloween characters. Note our storm trooper….he must be texting the others for backup.


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