Spring Has Sprung

It’s the most anticipated time of the year around our house (Other than Christmas). The Start of the Spring travel season and the beginning of the warm months. This winter was not that bad if you don’t count the horrible rains in December…..that does not mean that it didn’t suck. Glad to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Plenty of RV trips planed this season including some new spots and some familiar.
Sam for some reason got an OCD idea to build a birdhouse…So we did.



Every few minutes he had to check if we had a renter. Wouldn’t you know within a few hours there was a bird in it.



A little surf and Turf a few weeks ago.
Last weekend we took a trip to Branson with out the RV. Yep. First time anywhere as a family in over 3 years that did not incorporate the small spaces and tight places. It was a good change of pace. however upon waking up the first morning, I did miss the bed in the RV. Didn’t miss the Towing, waste water and slow going of dragging the RV down the highway. I did miss my stuff such as towels, pillows, chairs and so on.
Ali found a very affordable rental property in StoneBridge just to the west side of Branson. Turns out that’s the side to be on based on the traffic in Branson. We were on the ground level of a villa on the 13th hole. It was a very nice place, even with the people above us bumbling around like a pack of pachyderms.
We stopped at the Hillbilly wonderland that is Bass Pro in Springfield and found a new mailbox.



We also hit Silver Dollar City and will say that was the highlight of the trip. I didn’t get many photos but will say this is indeed a top notch theme park. It was a little over the top in some respects but all around a great experience. We would have done two days has we known how much there was to see. FYI….If your kids talk you in to the “Grandfather’s Mansion” fun house, bring along a puke bucket. It is Vertigo inducing for anyone over the age of 12.



Took advantage of an excellent little grille at the country club two nights in a row. They serve the snooty menu on Friday nights at the Bar. This place is a hidden little gem and was really close by. Good food and really reasonably priced. Not the menu above mind you as we did not order off of it but rather had the Grille menu.




Went to a pretty cool Zoo, that turned out to exceed my expectations. Sam, however was eaten by a bird.



Saturday Night we hunted for Easter Eve Golf Balls on the 13th hole. It was actually a really good time. Walked the whole thing including the green while the sun was going down.



Needs no Explanation. It was not good. Avoid the Branson Golden Corral.




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  1. LibraryKerri says:

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  2. Kerri Cox says:

    Enjoyed reading about your adventures to my neck of the woods! Eating is always a hit or miss affair in Branson since so many places take advantage of tourists, but we agree that Silver Dollar City is earnestly a gem. It's the prettiest theme park I've ever been to.


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