It’s Gumbo Paux Paux

If you follow this with any regularity you will likely see some of the same things over and over again. One thing that I have not written about is some of my Southern Louisiana cooking attempts. Much to my family’s dismay, I seem to have the only southern pallet in the house so I rely on my taste and most recently my neighbors to make a judgment call on what I have made. I have tried it all to be honest with varied success. Being born and raised in the Corn belt its hard to get the ingredients much less the knowledge of what it takes to make an authentic Gumbo, Sausage or Jambalaya. The Internet has changed much of this of course, but the down side is that it no matter what you will invest a good bit of time and likely cash to try anything new.

I have made this before and honestly the ingredients are key. Not exactly Low Fat based on the Roux is made with bacon fat and flower but it without a doubt is the key to the flavor.




Dark Roux
Above… the Evolution of a Roux. Botch this up and you may as well toss it all in the trash.


Onions, celery, garlic and bell peppers chopped fine in food processor. Add the Sausage and cook. Note: I need a larger SS skillet.



Okra Vinegar Trick
Okra when cooked can get slimy, one trick is to cook it with vinegar separately before you dump it in the pot. It for sure cuts down on that slime but didn’t entirely take it out of the equation.




Jumbo Lump Millers Crab Meat
This is good stuff, however at

$11 a can, its not cheap.


Store Bought Gulf Shrimp. Peeled and Cleaned.



There you have it Paux Paux. It made a ton so it went into Freezer Bags for another day and seeing how I am the only one who really likes it, it will last for at least 6 months.


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