At what point does life start to get easier? When I was a teenager all I wanted to do is grow up and start my life. Now, I wish that I would have milked that period of time for all that I could have.  Things these days seem to grind on. It seems like a … More Yep….

Shrimp And Grits

I have been working on this Shrimp and Grits thing for a little while and its become a little project. I love southern food and for some reason I really want to get this one down to perfection. I started with a few renditions of a recipes that are well known and started to tweak … More Shrimp And Grits

Post Trip Review of Topsail Hill Preserve State Park

We made it home in one piece and a better understanding of what relaxation really is. We traveled 1,800+ miles, spent 11 consecutive nights in the RV, brought back 15lbs of Seafood in the Freezer and came away with a new appreciation for small spaces and two crazy kids. It was awesome. There are a lot … More Post Trip Review of Topsail Hill Preserve State Park

Day 6

Not much to report..after a few few days on the road we have developed a new “wish list” for our next RV.  We checked out Seaside Florida Monday …filming location of “The Truman Show” and the same   as the community we live in..New Town. You can see the connections.  Today we checked out some … More Day 6