GroundHog Day….

May 18th seemed like yesterday. August 10th was a flash in the pan. Why are these dates significant? Summer break beginning and ending for 2016. This year we added one more to the roster of the Orchard Farm School District and I hope they are ready. This one was an extremely short summer. We did … More GroundHog Day….

St. Louis Ribfest in New Town St. Charles 2016!!!

One of the perks of living where we do is that our neighborhood from May to October is pretty much a hub of activity on weekends. From Concerns and  Triathlons to  Races and Festivals….these types  of events populate the calendar. However, not much can compare to RIB-FEST! For a BBQ guy this is heaven especially … More St. Louis Ribfest in New Town St. Charles 2016!!!

Spring Has Sprung

It’s the most anticipated time of the year around our house (Other than Christmas). The Start of the Spring travel season and the beginning of the warm months. This winter was not that bad if you don’t count the horrible rains in December…..that does not mean that it didn’t suck. Glad to see the light … More Spring Has Sprung

Thanksgiving at Home

As things typically go around here, I find myself behind on all those things that you people want to know about. Who am I kidding, I am the only one who looks at this. In any case, the holidays came and went….quickly I might add. This year we held Thanksgiving at our house and Ali’s … More Thanksgiving at Home