2020 Is Here. So Now What?

Woke up this morning around 7am and ran out to check the BBQ Pit as the winds and temps on NYE were not exactly kind. I put on nearly 20# of Shoulder at around 9 pm last night, the temps were all over the place but seemed to settle down by 1am, went to sleep and woke up to a mess this morning. The fire was limping along keeping things on the good side of food safety but it had been forced to burn hotter than I would have normally liked driven by the constant, forceful breeze through the night. Cooking this time of year is part “Luck” and “Calculated Risk” with the equipment I have.

“Luck” and “Calculated Risk” seemed to be a Theme for 2019…at least for my work. Lots of things went right last year and as the very first day of 2020 sets in, I wonder what I need to do to offset some of the “Luck” and move it into a different column this year. I know for a fact that some of the success I had last year largely out of my control, I only directed the rudder but had no input of the wind or engine speed. My company operates so far from a corporate machine its not even funny, and while this is good for thing for us that shill goods in the company, inherently it’s unstable. Because there is no corporate structure to deliver any sort of foundational approach, it’s up to the individual to carry out their own plan to set and obtain goals. It’s a lot harder than it sounds. It’s as close to owning your own business as one can get. Want to cut out early Friday? I don’t need to clear it with anyone. Plan a multi week RV trip through the Southeastern United States??? Just let someone, anyone know when you might be back so they can forward anything that comes in to your email. Take off a large chunk of time at the holidays while the kids are off? Done. There are no pitch meetings, no 100,000Ft view seminars, no real industry trends to stay on top of. I set my schedule on my behalf and for my customers. I get to choose how much I want to travel, how much I want to spend and what amount of effort I want to apply to each task or objective. Sounds great right? Need a Raise? Yea, Doesn’t exist. Slow month or year? Well, that sucks hope you can pay your bills or dip in to savings. Screw up a high profile job and get fired as a vendor to a customer that historically generates 25% of your business? Better replace that 25% with something else or take a 25% cut in pay. Customers don’t pay or leave you hanging after going out of business? Guess what? Well, you understand.

It’s NewYears day and most of my morning has been taken up by thinking of my work as you might be able to tell. As you can almost also assume, there is no time “off”. When you string a few days together away from things (like this holiday break) its easy to start getting worried that things are too quiet. End a year on a really good note? Well that must mean that next year will be a dumpster fire.

So….How to move a % of my work from the “Luck” column to the “Calculated Risk” Column for 2020? I don’t know. It’s not really an equation because there is really no answer. I have some ideas and thoughts I will surely blab about around the office or at home. I’ll make some bullshit proclamation (just like anyone with a New Years Resolution) tying some action to a result. In the end statistically, more effort/risk= more reward/failure. Yep, that’s right. Zero guarantees of success. With that said, there is always room for improvement and it’s ok to try new things or approaches. I want to learn some new things this year so that I am better informed not just for my customers but for myself. I need to meet some more strangers even though I have been programmed all my life to avoid it. I need to see friends more often in work and personally. I need to constantly find ways to grow, adapt and overcome obstacles in all areas of my life. That’s how I think I can best move some of the “Luck” into a different column. I have a year to do it.

Check back in 364 days to see how I did.

Oh and not like anyone cares, since my last post….Ali and I went to a small Oklahoma Cow town, A humongous Oklahoma Ranch, I found a really nice welder for my old truck, I pet a Goat or two, we had a great Christmas Morning and I drove through crappy snow storm in Kansas. You are up to date now.



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