Constant Improvement

“Just do The Right Thing.”

“Make Good Choices.”

”Be a good person.”

My kids hear these phrases often from Ali and I. Sometimes so much that they usually just leave the room when I get on my soapbox, so then I just talk louder.  I sometimes get tired of saying it and often I feel somewhat hypocritical for preaching when I know that I have not followed my own rules and often I am quickly called out in these moments.

Life is defined by the actions we choose and it’s better to understand that at 7 than trying to figure it out in your 30’s. Who you are as a person might be better defined by the choices we make after we mess up. I have said and done things that go against the grain, made bad choices done things that I am ashamed of. It’s part of life. It’s what you do after these moments that really shows what kind of person you want to be. Trying to cover up your mistakes and create a false front works in the short term, but eventually the truth comes out. It’s hard to keep it contained.  People see you for what you really are and make their judgements accordingly.

Just do the right thing. Life is easier and a whole lot less complicated when you do.


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