Double Digits and Then Some….

For those who somehow read this on what seems to be an biannual basis, I must make the obligtaory statement about how its been a while since I last posted something to this blog. So, here it is. Its been a while. There. Done.

I am currently sitting at home on this second day of fall and its about 10:30 or so in the morning. Working from home is becoming somewhat a thing over the last year or so. This morning, Ali and I walked the dog, I had a few cups of coffee and returned a some emails for work. Kids got on the bus and headed off to the Farm. I fiddled with my guitar a bit and peered out the windows a few times to see the goings on of the neighborhood. The house is now quiet with the exception of the noise of the random construction truck rattling down the street and our struggling icemaker that possibly seems to be going out. Again.  I am on call this morning for the local refinery as they are in need of my assistance and its the sort of place you dont just hang around at for no reason. When they need something, you get in and get out. Just waiting for the phone to ring.

Waiting. The clock keeps running in the background, silently doing it’s thing and here I am. Here we all are, carrening towards another year end. This month is nearly complete and in the silence I can’t help but think of how we ended up here. I turned 37 this year and Sam hit double digits too. My company managed to click over another year, this one marks my 14th. Ali and I get to celebrate our 12 year aniversiery is in a few weeks….and time marches on. With or without you. Deep Shit Right? Not really, just perspective.

If you read this blog with any regularity, you might notice the last few years have been a struggle. A real grind. I still can’t point to any one thing as the catalyst, but it all compounded and slowly started to bog down the wheels. One thing that I did learn is that this was not a unique situation for just me, the more I talked to people I know and trusted, the more I opened my self up…the better things got.  Life is not indended to be easy, nothing about it is. Those people you see breezing though…their not. Its a facade.

As I look down the barrel of middle age (who am I kidding, I’m already there) with heathy and happy kids, a great partner and some resemabliance of stabiltiy its hard not to see the good. Reguardless of what the time clock does and the curve balls thrown, there always is some shinny spot through the forest to aim for.

This was a damn good year. Have not been able to say that for a while. So there.

In other news….see the picture dump below. The epic summer roadtrip 2019. This one nearly a month in duration. It. Was. Awesome. We are all fortunate to be able to do this sort of thing. With the kids getting older, I feel like this time might be limited. We will see.

Look for an update mid 2020.








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