What’s New Buckaroo?

April 2018 was my last posting to this Blog. Yep. Lots of things have occurred since then, lots of good things too.  Some of them I don’t care to put out there, not that anyone really pays attention. However, once the info, photos and content slips into the cosmos that is the internet it’s there for good and hard to manage. Time management has become somewhat of a focus as the kids keep getting older, and its hard to find time to commit to blathering on about this and that. With that said, it is extremely therapeutic to put words on a page so I expect to get back at this again sometime in 2020. Ha ha.

To catch up from April. BBQ is good, Sales are good and the kids are good (getting back to the root of this blog). Not much to complain about currently. We took our usual summer RV trip but stayed in Missouri and had a great time. Having never really spent time on Table Rock Lake, it was very surprising. We had our own little private swimming hole, rented a boat, swam, fished and just re connected with the outdoors among other things.

I got a new grill, slow cooked various slabs of protein here and there. I was able to get out for a few nights for a Nascar race and that time is always appreciated.  I have even lost a few pounds since the new year. Started messing around with the guitars again, managed to muddle around with a few new songs. I found a starter acoustic guitar for Sam and really not surprisingly,  he was able to learn a few chords really quickly. Need to spend more time on that. Spent a lot of time on the road for work during the 2nd half of ’18, and I still hate hotels.

Oh and we sold our Camper. Yep. Gone. As I made the final transaction with the new owners, it was strange to see it with someone else driving away.  It really was a weird feeling knowing that the big white box that we drug around the USA for nearly the last decade will be starting new adventures with another family.

On that topic, we have booked one of our longest trips to date (they just keep getting longer) for the “EPIC SUMMER 2019 ROAD-TRIP EXTRAVAGANZA”. All Gulf Coast stuff, from New Orleans, to the Panhandle. Problem is we no longer own an RV. This is concerning. More to come on that soon…

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