Boo For You.

Yea. Boo For You. This phrase has become a staple in our house when Max wants to voice his displeasure with a pretty much anything. Boo for me for not keeping this thing going over the last 6 months or so. To be honest, it’s been hard to keep up with the new format. It’s also been a roller coaster at work as well so that has been keeping me from or wanting to really shed any light on things.  Things are looking up, however and hopefully 2017 (although already through 25% of it) will be better. More Gooder.

Where Did I leave off…..October? November? It all runs together anymore. Lots and lots of travel over the last few months. Multiple trips to Kansas, Oklahoma, and even down to the gulf coast and Cajun country. Lots of time to windshield time lately and while I like the larger truck for towing, Empty it beats the hell out of you. Those long trips out west really get exhausting. Oh well. RV Travel Season is upon us.

Speaking of such….we again will have an epic summer trip in the works. This one will not be like the last. While fun, moving mid trip to a far off location was a lot of work. This upcoming trip will our longest in terms of time in one location and everyone is looking forward to it. I need a break, the kids need school to be over and we all need to relax. Sun. Pool. Beach and sandals will be in order. As we all learned last time, the drive is well worth the reward. Only two months away.

Sam and Max are doing great in school this year and Max will go into full-time Kindergarten next year much to the displeasure of his mom.

Random pics below. Next post in 6 months.




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