A Week of Not Much…

This week felt like most others and went by without incident. We all however seemed to pick up where we left off the school year….with colds. On Monday Max had to stay home from school because of it and he has now rebounded nicely. As for the rest of us it took the majority of the week to get better. The kind of nagging, nasty stuffy nose with a cough kind of thing that really stinks. I love the school year.

I did some traveling for work this week. While traveling is not out of the ordinary for work, the location was. Nevada, MO was my day ending destination enroute to southeast Kansas the following day. I am sure that there are some cool things and unique aspects to this somewhat known city but I didn’t have a chance to find out. My experience was that of a carnival worker.  Arrive at 7pm, find food, sleep and leave by 8am enroute to Kansas. The food was awful despite the mostly positive reviews on Yelp. I ended up throwing most of it away.

I don’t know if I have become a BBQ snob or just like things a certain way, but I continue to be disappointed with every BBQ restaurant I try. Here is a note to those pitmasters who have chosen to venture out for profit….if your pork looks like it has been through a meat grinder, your sauce can be bought at walmart and your sausage is purchased through a distributor, you might want to rethink things. Always be leary of a BBQ joint whose menu is 10 pages long.In fairness, they market themselves as “BBQ and Steakhouse” but the same rules still apply.

On the topic of BBQ, I took the opportunity on Saturday to fire up the grill and cook some Buffalo turds and some sticky wings. The Peppers were from our garden and were plenty spicy albeit on the small side. The Wings were a bit of a new thing as I read about a grill technique to “fry” them on the grill. You make a dusting of flour and spices just like you would if you deep fry and dust the wings knocking off the excess dust.. Then just throw them on the grill and fat renders out and if you have your heat hot enough it will essentially “fry” the skin. The resulting bite is unique and helps the wing hold up to the tossing in the sauce. Speaking of Sauced…I had had a few drinks prior to taking the food photos so my apologies!

Ali and I wrapped up the night at a concert in New Town while watching the lightning streak across the sky. If you are local and like Southern Rock/Country check out the Bill Roemer Band. They were fantastic.

Atomic Turds sans meat.
Frightened of the Approaching Storms


Not Real Pretty but Very Good Taste.
Buzz’s in Nevada Mo did not do it for me.

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