GroundHog Day….

May 18th seemed like yesterday. August 10th was a flash in the pan. Why are these dates significant? Summer break beginning and ending for 2016. This year we added one more to the roster of the Orchard Farm School District and I hope they are ready. This one was an extremely short summer. We did a fair amount of things including traveling, but yet it felt like it was wasted and I can’t really figure out why. I liked having them home even though the time I get to spend with them really is not any different from throughout the school year.

Work is yet again marginal at best. Things are moving at a snail’s pace in the Oil and Gas world so a lot of my projects have been put on hold or canceled until further notice. We are also getting beat over the head from our “Partners” as they try figure out a way to wiggle their way out from their contractual obligations to my company. A real sleazebag time to be living in the engineered industrial equipment world.

The good still outweighs the bad…….on all fronts so forward momentum is still the safest plan.

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