St. Louis Ribfest in New Town St. Charles 2016!!!

One of the perks of living where we do is that our neighborhood from May to October is pretty much a hub of activity on weekends. From Concerns and  Triathlons to  Races and Festivals….these types  of events populate the calendar. However, not much can compare to RIB-FEST! For a BBQ guy this is heaven especially when you can walk home or in our case ride a golf cart.
There was so much to try this year. There were national cooking teams with their over the top displays and the local guys who were looking to take a stab. There was also fair type food…..The kids loved the funnel cakes and fried Oreo’s. There was a gigantic play area for the kids, some small carnival rides and local bands on two stages.
There was beer and booze. What can be better?
We spit the weekend with my parents taking the kids Friday and Saturday and that allowed us to cut loose a little. On Monday we were all tired but undoubtedly sad to see the guys packing up. Wednesday it was if nothing ever occurred. Can’t wait until next year!
A Shot Pre Rib Madness as they were getting ready to open Friday


The Rain came on Friday and to everyone’s delight the rest of the weekend was awesome weather wise.



Stolen from a Face Book Page, 3D Media I believe.




This event is a huge draw for our neighborhood and St. Charles as a whole. Last year the event coordinator estimated attendance at 125K and in talking to some of the vendors they were thinking it would be over 200K by the end of the weekend. This is a huge chance to showcase our area and even attract new homeowners. This event is also a huge boost to the neighborhood businesses as they typically have an active role over the weekend. There was a rumor that some of the bars had over topped their all time sales by a large margin. This is all good news. Then there is the aspect of New homeowners visiting for the first time….when houses are selling, that’s a great thing for our region not to mention individual home values.


New Town St. Charles Rib Fest
Nice Sunset in New Town
One of the encroaching storms Saturday made for an awesome backdrop to set the night off.













New Town St Charles Ribfest
This is Max’s Reaction to us telling him it was all over as we walked home.
Bravo to the event organizers, you really knocked this year out of the park!

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