December and a New Year

Playing catch up yet again. The month of December has yet again come and gone without a trace. This is typically one of the busiest and slowest months on the calendar for me. Typically this is trade show season and this year it was in Las Vegas. Fun? Yes. Depressing? Absolutely.



Our regular X-Mas display.


23rd Floor of the Mandarin Oriental.


This guy was out cold.



Picked up this Rib-Eye Roast at Gordon Food Service, Sliced it into steaks and Vacuum sealed it. We are good for meat for the year.


Swords and Shields.




Cooked 20# of Pork Shoulder for Christmas Eve. Super long cook at nearly 18 hours. I didn’t monkey with the temp, just added fuel around the 12 and 16 hour marks.


A little over the top??







This little issue has become a thorn in my side. It seems that the shitty door system that our builder elected to to go with really is not great at actually sealing our home from the elements. I have fought and fought with this thing to keep the water out an the last resort was to replace the seal. In the process, the leaky door destroyed the crappy MDF casing and I had to cut and install a new one. It looks better but I feel that the door will again leak. Crappy System.




My attempt at Boudain….Not good.. After a trip to LA this month, I have realized that I am not using enough rice. Try again next time.

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