Thanksgiving at Home

As things typically go around here, I find myself behind on all those things that you people want to know about. Who am I kidding, I am the only one who looks at this. In any case, the holidays came and went….quickly I might add. This year we held Thanksgiving at our house and Ali’s parents came up  from Houston. It all went well and good food and drinks were had.


New Town Beach District
Thanksgiving Morning
Sign from the dark #1…..Lone Duck in the lake out front. Almost as if it was a sign from our feathered friends.


Creepy Sign #2….Three Birds on our porch Thanksgiving Morning. Am I going Bat Shit?
Even the Dog was wondering what the heck is going on.



Turkey Tom in a Menards Bucket taking a bath before the big smoke.
New Town St. Charles Retirement Home 2015




Dirty Rice Stuffing. Not Great, Not Bad.


Tending to the Pit.


The Bird from outer space. To the Naked Eye this is an abomination, however it was one of the best Turkeys I have ever done.


Taking a Break in the Garage.



There you have it Folks….Turkey Day.

2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving at Home

  1. Hey now, I read it. 🙂 And that turkey looks really yummy. We did ham and fixin's for our Thanksgiving. Nothing special- but I actually took the lead on 90% of the cooking, giving my wife a day off.

    Cheers, mate.


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