Almost Summer Time…..Whats That Mean?

I can’t even begin to explain how much I love Spring and Summer……This means lots of things around our house. It means yard work, beer, lawn chairs, lake season, sandals, and BBQ. All these things can even exist in one day and at the same time. Its really a thing of beauty. Although I never really quit BBQ’n through the winter it really does take a backseat to the sub freezing temps and absence of the sun for months on end. Most grills don’t have issues cooking a good meal even below 0F but for me its about the whole deal. I like being outside and completely getting into the day. Today was one of those first days that I have looked forward to for a while.

So anyway….its finally gotten warmer and the grass has turned green. The familiar sounds of my Black and Decker Mower’s copper windings spinning to the optimum RPM to effectively manicure our lawn into shape. Not only mine but the whole neighborhood is abuzz on Saturday mornings with this familiar sound(more on this later). It also means an escape for Ali and Sam who have been cooped up in the house all winter on the verge of going insane. 

Last weekend was really the first real weekend of all these things (minus Real BBQ)but for some reason it kind of got lost in the shuffle of everything going on. It was the annual landscape-athon that I seem to have gotten pretty good over the last few years. 10 bags of mulch, A hernia inducing bag of potting soil, some flowers and a bit of sun are what makes up our “Opening Day”. 

I am really looking forward to this summer for multiple reasons. I just booked a vacation to the beach in late August….more on this later. Sam obviously is now walking very well and getting into things. He also does not require the same kind of attention as last summer and is very involved with things. Although last year we did a lot of “new” its different now. He interacts much more and reacts to everything. So the vacation is a big thing for us….his second plane ride and a different place for all of us to get away from things. This summer also means Sam’s first fishing trip…luckily we just need to walk out the back door. It also possibly means the a new home should we be so lucky. Just today we buried a statue of St. Joseph and we will see if I continue to be a non believer.We have big things happening this year with the lake property and really just scratched the surface with everything involved with this. 

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